Tuesday, February 5, 2008

first post...here we go! ;0)

This is the first blog post for Lucky Gal Photography and I hope the start of many more...

Even those close to me, didn't know that I had such a love for photography. Heck I am not even sure I knew how much I loved it, until my husband (and biggest supporter) gifted me with an AWESOME camera for my birthday. I have always enjoyed casually taking pictures, but recently when I picked up my new camera and started to take some decent photos I felt like I found a hobby I truly enjoyed. Bummer it took 34 years for me to actually get the confidence up to start to take it seriously...but better late then never right!?!?!

I have a ton to learn and many many more shots to take. But I hope with practice, practice and a little more practice (and many nights reading and re-reading the Canon 30D manual) I hope to capture many of life's memories for my family, friends and new friends I look forward to meeting along the way.

The name Lucky Gal came easily to me since I feel lucky every day of my life. The purpose of the name and logo is to not jump in and be a pro overnight, but rather to motivate myself to become better and better each day. Thanks to my hubby, and to great friends and family that encourage me in this, and every part of my life. ;0)

This will be my posting ground and makeshift archive so check back as often as you can...and remember I love to practice, so call if you need some photos...